To the people who cry and moan over “angry vegans”.

Are you annoyed by us? Do we frustrate you? Is it bothersome? Does it piss you off? Are you sick of it?

What can I say? We absolutely love telling people what they’re eating, what they’re contributing to. We love reciting all the things wrong with meat, dairy and eggs. We love having to explain over and over again what happens to dairy cows and their calves, or egg-laying hens and the roosters. We love telling you what happens to pigs and sheep and goats. We love protesting, love petitions, love reading about all the terrible things that go on in slaughter houses and dairy farms and egg factories and puppy mills and the fur/leather/wool industries.

Except we don’t love it at all. And I have news for you, we’re more annoyed, frustrated, bothered, pissed off and sick of it than you could even imagine. You think we like being filled with sadness and guilt and frustration every day? Do you think we enjoy knowing what goes on? Do you think it gives us pleasure to argue with meat eaters, back and forth, debating whether or not animals matter? Because we fucking don’t.

All we want is an end to cruelty, oppression, pain and suffering. We want that more than anything. So sorry if it “bothers” you. But it’s time to stop thinking about yourselves.

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    I’m sorry if I don’t lose sleep over the fact that I eat meat when animals are treated this way (tbh I don’t give a shit...
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