If a human told others that they had been kept captive for weeks on end, in a cage they couldn’t move in, where they couldn’t see the sun, where their captives taunted them with sharp tools and electric bolts, there would be an uproar.

If a human told others that she had been forcefully, artificially inseminated, and once she gave birth to her baby, it was stolen from her and murdered and her breast milk was instead pumped day after day with machines that left lesions and pus-ridden sores on her body, she’d be on the cover of every newspaper in the country.

If a human told others that he was operated and tested on with no anesthetic, while he watched as his brothers and sisters were mutilated, society would be out for blood.

If a human told the stories of what happens to animals, nobody would stand for it, and the perpetrators would be so severely punished, they would never see daylight again.

But these stories are reality, and millions live them every day. And instead of being overcome with rage, people try their best to defend the stories. Because torture and cruelty and exploitation leads to a hotdog or a milkshake. Because murder and pain leads to a pair of boots. 

Because animals aren’t humans. And that somehow makes people think it’s okay.

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