i have very bad acne and my dermatologist prescribe me some shit tested on animals. there is no alternative to this because we all know that probably all medications are tested on animals. do you think i should still buy it? i never buy cosmetics tested on animals and i'm vegan (?) but in this case there is no alternative, i can buy it and use it or i can have a pretty fucked up face for the rest of my life. BUT it isn't life-or-death situation so i feel really bad about this... idk.

This is what I know from my own experience with bad acne: the research says that the effective ingredients in ANY topical treatment are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. But I have found using a few vegan alternatives has worked for me and a number of people I know. Firstly, Lush has products available that are designed for bad acne/eczema/psoriasis etc, like scrubs/lotions/toners. I’d recommend giving them a go, because I know that the (I think it’s called) Dark Angels scrub cleared up my friend’s acne. Also the Angels on Bare Skin scrub is good, and apparently the Tea Tree toning water . Taking Primrose Oil helped my acne when I was younger, and using Witch Hazel and sometimes diluted Tea Tree oil helped.I don’t know if you’ve tried any of this stuff, but it’s worth a shot (especially if you’re feeling guilty.)

You’re the only one who knows how bad your acne is and the effect it has on your life. If you can’t find a vegan alternative at all, it’s your decision to make about whether or not you’re able/willing to use that product. Your quality of life is important, even when it’s not a life/death situation. 

I'm vegan. But I eat ham. And beef. And chicken. And I wear leather. Sometimes I wear fur. But I think I'm vegan.


I was curious as to if you kill any type of insects because insects are animals? I saw the 0 animals slaughtered description and was wondeting if that includes bugs?

Firstly, no it doesn’t include bugs because that would be impossible. It’s an (under) estimated counter based on the numbers/statistics of animals killed in slaughterhouses in the name of food, clothing, entertainment, scientific/cosmetic testing and pet production. It is a counter to show how many animals are being systematically killed for humans. It’s not inclusive of animals like the 18 year old family cat who has been euthanaised, or rats poisoned in ceilings, or birds killed by flying into windows/doors, or the animals at farm sanctuaries who pass away. It is to show how many animals are murdered by humans, for humans, in the animal abuse industries. If you want to make an estimate on how many bugs are killed per second by whoever chooses to kill them on this planet then be my guest. Good luck.

Secondly, I do not intentionally kill insects unless 1) they are endangering the health of me or the animals I care for and also 2) if they aren’t able to be removed naturally/without harm (e.g ticks). Obviously we can’t help killing at least SOME insects (you’re not going to look out for and be aware of every ant or spider that may cross your path). But I try as best as I can not to harm anyone.

soylentvanilla said: It’s like if a human says they want to donate their body/parts to science or art. Non-humans don’t get to tell people that, “yes, I’d love you to make some random sculpture from my bones.” It’s kind of creepy.

Yeah, exactly. I also think that removing bones from their place of rest is tampering with/altering what the natural cycle of that body is (if that makes sense). I just think that the bodies of others (especially animals in this case, as they’re already treated like property) aren’t ours to do what we want with, after death or otherwise. WHO KNOWS.

If you found the bones. I would never ever ever just kill an animal to just use it for art or mount it on a wall or something. But if you actually found it. Plus the people I know decorating them do it to human bones as well. I think its equally cool

It seems like how/where you obtain the remains from is the most important issue here.

Not anon, but on the bone thing- I personally would do it to a human skull. The way I see it is that our bodies are just holders. Who we are is gone when we die. Why not become something beautiful after death, become art. Be alive through art. And I would always get bones from an animal that died naturally, obv. Wouldn't be vegan otherwise. Not enough room to explain more but yeah. But if that makes sense

Thank you for the message, that does make sense.

Everything in your bio is what I love and was going to follow because you give such perfect answers to every ask but then I saw you were a feminist. Sigh.

well thanks for not following, I don’t have time for people who ~~don’t like feminists~~. Why don’t you just be upfront and tell it how it is - you don’t like women. Because that’s all I hear when anti-feminists start talking. I mean honestly.

Sigh damn feminists getting women the vote, giving women the right to work, educating women about sexual health, getting women into schools and universities, fighting for our bodily rights, raising awareness about rape and sexual violence, providing necessities for women and their children who are homeless, providing safe advice and help for women struggling with domestic violence, providing resources and support networks for rape survivors etc etc etc. I mean who the fuck do feminists think they are, fighting for the rights of women?

Goodbye, you won’t be missed. Or even better, stick around because you might learn something. You clearly need to.

How do you feel about bone art? (Decorated skulls etc.) I know a lot of vegetarians/vegans that like it. I believe it's appreciating the beauty of an animals body. And I think its okay to show beauty in death. What's your opinion?

Where are the bones from/how where they obtained? Would you feel comfortable with it being done to a human? Would you be okay with doing it to a human? How would you feel if it was done to you? Would you think it was honoring and respecting you?

Ask yourself those questions and get back to me, because it depends on what the answers are. I wouldn’t because of personal (spiritual) belief, and because I technically it would still be using an animal’s body without their consent. But it’s a grey area, I’d like it if anyone could weigh in.

But... Human are superior to a lot of other animals? Like some rodents evolved without a part of the digestive system and do not efficiently process food. So humans have superior digestive systems. Most humans are definitely superior in intelligence to almost all animals. Call it speciesism, but that doesn't make it less true. Why pretend otherwise? I guess because there are still some people less intelligent than some animals.

Excuse me. Did you know humans can’t fly on our own? We also can’t navigate the oceans with instinct, or walk 80km a day based on the path our ancestors took. We can’t breathe underwater. Hey, speaking of digestive systems (here’s a handy fucking tip - how you digest food doesn’t make you superior) - did you know that all carnivorous animals digest flesh better than us? In fact most omnivorous animals do. So I guess that makes us inferior to like at least 15% of the animals on the planet then. You know beavers can hold their breath for 45 minutes? Did you know that orcas have an extra part of their brain than humans? Did you know crocodiles can go without food for 2 years? Hey, did you know cockroaches can live without their head for a few weeks? What exactly do you think makes someone superior to someone else?

You do not get to decide what makes someone superior and what doesn’t. And you do not get to take someone’s rights away based on what YOU think they are capable of. Do you think the same about disabled? Children? The elderly?

You can not do everything that animals can do. You can not do everything that humans have been able to do, either. You’re basing your superiority off standards set by HUMANS. I would like to see you live the lifestyle of a marine animal, a bird, a wolf, a giraffe, a fucking rat. And even if they do not fit your definition of “intelligent”, that gives you no right to  murder, rape, torture, abuse, enslave and oppress them. They are capable of thought, they are conscious and aware, they are able to experience emotions and they are 100% CAPABLE OF FEELING PAIN. THAT is what should decide whether or not someone is equal to you. Not their fucking digestive system.