I just wanted to make sure I didn't get anything confused when confronting people about this issue. "Teacup" pigs are also called micro and miniature pigs, correct?

Yes, they’re all the same.

got some apologetic "vegan" (so they claim) in my inbox telling me that i'm racist and that i should die because i say animals are being kept as SLAVES. what???

lawd if i had a dollar. this is speciesism, and i’ll tell you why:
animals are capable of being murdered, they are capable of being tortured, they are capable of being abused, they are capable of being raped, and they are capable of being enslaved. the word for someone who is enslaved is slave. just as there is no single race of human beings who have been enslaved (black people, indigenous people, jewish people, chinese people etc etc etc), there is no single species who have been enslaved.

animals can be victims, just as much as humans can be victims. to acknowledge their sentience, their feelings, their emotions and their struggles is not erasing anyone else’s. to say you should die for extending your empathy and compassion to ALL sentient beings is disgusting. as far as I’m concerned, that’s the opposite of bigotry. 

Just because it seems teacup pigs are coming back and all I see is ~omg cute i want a pig now~, I think this seriously needs to be addressed:
"Teacup" pigs are produced by humans using incredibly cruel methods. The mothers are impregnated before they are fully grown, as babies themselves, in order to stunt the growth of the piglets. Mothers are underfed in order to produce runts (the "super cute" teacup pigs) - weak, fragile, malnourished and riddled with health problems.

When they are born, the piglets are only allowed to feed from their mothers for approximately 1 week (again, to deprive them of the nutrients and food they need to grow), they are taken from their mothers (in many of these “cute” videos you can clearly still see their umbilical cords) and in order to be kept small, are underfed for the rest of their typically short lives.

Common health problems for teacup pigs (and other teacup animals) are:

  • Heart Deformities, often resulting in a short lifespan.
  • Digestive system deformities (very common in teacup pigs).
  • Liver deformities, known as shunts.
  • Prone to Hypoglycemia.
  • More at risk to head/brain injury as the soft spot on their skull may not harden correctly.
  • More susceptible to illness and stress.
  • Tend to have more fragile bones.
  • More dental problems.
  • Higher rate of Epilepsy.
  • More prone to dehydration.
  • Physical defect where the outside stops growing but the internal organs continue to
  • Other deformities in offspring due to inbreeding often used to get such small animals.

And finally, to add insult to injury, many MANY of these pigs end up growing, despite the chances they have. Which means they are abandoned, surrendered, sold (sometimes into slaughter) and left homeless because people didn’t get the minuscule, permanent foetuses they signed up for.

So before you start with the “so cute” and “I want one” bullshit, actually think about the pigs and the disgusting way they’re manipulated, modified and abused by humans. It’s not all so cute and innocent now. So not are we now eating pigs (one of the most abused animals on the planet), we can now abuse and torture them in a different way and display them as cute accessories/must-have items. When will you people be satisfied with the amount of damage you have done and continue to support?



"Mostly" vegan isn’t vegan.
"Sort of vegan" isn’t vegan.
"Vegan but I eat honey" isn’t vegan.
"Vegan but I buy and wear leather/fur/wool" isn’t vegan.
"Vegan except for the occasional egg" isn’t vegan.

Stop it.

why on earth does this really matter .. there is at least an effort to be vegan .. who cares

It matters because 1 - it confuses people about what veganism really is, 2 - it therefore blurs the message of veganism and the true meaning of veganism, and 3 - it makes a mockery out of the animal rights/liberation movement.

That’s why.




omg my heart

Libfems: Rape Isnt okay, rape jokes arent funny.
Libfems: Unless you wanna jack off to the thought of raping someone that's okay, if you want to simulate rape with someone thats okay too, if you dont like genitalia you need to examine why and try to force yourself to like it. Rape victims love BDSM, recreating your rape and cummin to it is totally healthy and in no way damaging. That rape victim who doesn't like BDSM needs to shut the fuck up! Women love sex im going to teach you about the 1392610765 different ways to fuck a dick bc feminism. And if you dont wanan fuck ppl your being sex negative you need to change that :/ i actually have no idea about feminism and only know the basics of oppression, but men have taught my only worth is to fuck and be fucked and instead of challenging that idea im going to embrace and paint the patriarchy pink instead of crushing it
"If a guy starts saying what you are doing is ‘reverse sexist’, he is obviously threatened by what you are doing. He’s threatened because he thinks there are only two ways to be: powerful or powerless. He assumes you asserting you rights is a way to take power away from him. He assumes you wanna ‘switch places’ with him. He knows you get treated like shit and he knows he gets advantages from your imposed inferiority. He’s fearing REVENGE, girlfriend. His fear of ‘reverse sexism’ is basically an admission on his part that he knows you get treated like shit and does not want to switch places with you."

from Bikini Kill’s “Girl Power” zine (via earlyfrost)

If someone’s calling “misandry”, you’re probably doing it right.

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I say fuck all cops because, rather than be critical and take a stand against their fellow officers, good cops are nowhere to be fucking seen when wild shit goes down.
No police officer, especially police chief, gets on the news or social media or some type of fucking platform and says shit about bad cops.
So fuck them.
Fuck them for standing in camaraderie with corrupt individuals.


this is supposed to be an insulting vegan meme but it’s actually 100 percent accurate so…


this is supposed to be an insulting vegan meme but it’s actually 100 percent accurate so…


okay but when you have holocaust survivors and people who were activists during the civil rights movement supporting mike brown and then KKK members and neo nazi’s supporting the officer you should be able to figure out which side is the right one.